Supporters target owners for change, not just the manager

Rovers Trust today calls for the owners of Blackburn Rovers to use the removal of Steve Kean as their chance for a new dawn at Ewood Park.

The management of Blackburn Rovers, on and off the pitch, has led to a massive rise in supporter action in the past year.

The formation of Rovers Trust was a direct result of a lack of communication and a loss of leadership at Ewood Park.

The aim of Rovers Trust is to raise funds to buy the club in whole or part at the earliest opportunity. The trust is led by business leaders, advised by finance and legal experts and has the backing of other supporter groups and the community.

Wayne Wild, co-chairman of Rovers Trust, said: “A lack of executive leadership has put the club in its worst position for 20 years. The need to change the manager is a perfect time for the owners to begin to build bridges with supporters, the majority of whom, rightly or wrongly, blamed Steve Kean for the present misfortune of the club.

“However, the manager was simply the most public face of what has gone wrong at Blackburn Rovers.

“A new manager may offer a brief moment of optimism, but the owners really do need to address matters off the pitch where a lack of leadership and communication has left the commercial operation of Ewood Park in an appalling mess.

“Now is an excellent time for the owners, either directly or through their appointed representatives, to enter into dialogue with Rovers Trust to begin the process whereby Rovers supporters can take a direct and positive stake in the ownership of their club.

“This is the only way the owners can truly win back the Rovers fans and the community in Blackburn. If they want a thriving, successful club, with the whole town behind the team, then they must accept that Rovers supporters want a say in the running of the club.

“Fans have pledged almost £3 million to one of the Trust’s predecessors as a sign of their commitment to change. We want to convert those pledges and then that is money the owners can use to benefit the club if the right deal is offered.

“We have come a long way since the Trust was set up earlier this year, we are ready to talk and the timing is right for all parties to come together for the benefit of Blackburn Rovers.”

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