HAVE YOUR SAY – Best and Worst Owners Poll:

After constant unrest and countless protests at Ewood Park, the majority of Blackburn Rovers fans can sympathise that when football owners aren’t universally loved, it can split opinion and divide supporters of a club.

Sports Journalism Association writer Nick Harris has asked Rovers Trust members and followers to contribute to his national club ownership survey and voice their opinions on what is right and wrong at the club.

Harris says it’s an opportunity to look at the off-field issues in a reasoned fashion and also look at what Rovers fans can do for their club.

Rovers Trust supports initiatives that focus on football club ownership and ask questions about how football clubs are run.

The survey is on the Sporting Intelligence website and asks for fans’ opinions on the current state of the Rovers’ ownership and how it can be improved. The survey also asks for views on supporter-based ownership, something Rovers Trust is working towards, and whether that could have a positive impact at Blackburn Rovers.

Questions for the Sporting Intelligence survey:

1: Which team do you support and how do you rate your own club’s owners (Good / neutral / bad).

Please feel free to expand on why.

2: Who do you think are the best owners in English football (if not your own club’s owners), and why?

3: Who do you think are the worst owners in English football (if not your own club’s owners), and why?

4: If you owned your club, or part-owned it, would you agree to share more of your club’s income with less rich clubs across football to help encourage better competition?

5: Are you actively interested in owning a share of your club? If so, have you done anything to try to achieve this?

All answers should be e-mailed to submissions@sportingintelligence.com, putting ‘Football’ in the subject box.

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