Blackburn Rovers owners request more information on the Rovers Trust

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The owners of Blackburn Rovers have asked for more information about the Rovers Trust in response to an official offer of help to the club.

One of the short-term aims of the Rovers Trust, the official Blackburn Rovers supporters group, has been to establish meaningful and positive dialogue with the Rao family, owners of Venky’s London Limited, the parent company of the club and this has now begun.

Wayne Wild and Ozz Jones, the co-chairs of the Rovers Trust, wrote a personal letter to Mrs Anuradha Desai, chair of the VH Group of companies that owns Blackburn Rovers, calling for positive engagement between the owners and the Rovers Trust, acting on behalf of many hundreds of Rovers fans in Blackburn and around the world.

Mrs Desai has responded by requesting more information on the Rovers Trust and asking for specific examples of other football clubs working with supporters’ trusts for the benefit of both owners and fans.

It’s the first sign that Venky’s are willing to engage with supporters and the need to do this through an official supporters trust to ensure the best outcome for fans.

Wayne Wild said: “We explain clearly and unequivocally what we stand for and what our aims are.

“We also detailed a number of positive initiatives we are willing to put into action to help restore the reputation and the commercial fortunes of our club.

“We will now make sure the owners are in full possession of all relevant facts about the Rovers Trust and our aims, plus how supporters trusts are the future for football ownership in this country.

“Working with supporters in Lancashire will only benefit the owners and therefore Blackburn Rovers.

“We all want the best for the club, to stop the decline both on and off the pitch and get our club back on a stable and secure footing commercially and football-wise.

“You only need look at Swansea, or Portsmouth; Chester FC or FC United of Manchester to see how positive engagement with the fans and the community will bring real and tangible benefits.”

The Rovers Trust steering group is made up of a number of highly experienced professionals who have expertise, business knowledge and contacts, all of which can help Blackburn Rovers enormously and begin to repair the damage caused by more than two years of calamitous decision-making at all levels of the club.

The wider membership of the Rovers Trust contains many more such individuals, all of whom may volunteer their time and expertise to the cause, if they could see a genuine return for fans.

Ozz Jones added: “We passionately believe that, as a supporters’ trust, it is our duty and within our power to play a positive and active role in helping our club.

“We do not want to simply sit on the side-lines waiting for the worst to happen.

“However, as we make very clear in the letter to Mrs Desai, we also demand a stake in the club to begin to properly and realistically influence the way the club is run and by whom.”

Fans can help the Rovers Trust’s dialogue with the owners by becoming members. The more members the Trust has, the more powerful our voice.

Hundreds of new members are joining week-by-week, but more members are needed to give as big a voice as possible to the club’s fans.

It costs just £10 per year (£5 for juniors) to gain full voting rights and a say in the direction Rovers Trust takes in its bid to take control of Blackburn Rovers.

For more information, become a member and to make a pledge of financial support please visit:


Rovers Trust

Securing the future of Blackburn Rovers for the sole benefit of the club, its supporters and the wider community.


Principal Objective

To obtain full or part ownership of Blackburn Rovers Football Club and its assets on behalf of fellow supporters in order to represent supporters’ views whilst protecting the club’s short and long term future.


Our Philosophy

  • Open to all, democratic and inclusive
  • Independent in thinking and decision-making
  • Taking a long-term view, independent of current or subsequent ownership, to safeguard the club’s history and future
  • Shares to be affordable and accessible to as many supporters as possible

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