2015 Annual General Meeting Minutes

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Rovers Trust Annual General Meeting

(BRSIT CBS Limited & BRSS)

Date: 30th March 2015, 7pm

Venue: AFC Darwen, Anchor Ground


  • Wayne Wild
  • Oliver Jones
  • Neil Thornton
  • Glen Mullan
  • Mark Ashworth
  • Anthony Corry
  • Various Rovers trust members
  • William Maynard (Chairman of East Lancashire Football development Association)



  • Daniel Grabko



  • Introduction (Glen Mullan, Secretary)
  • Chairman’s statement
  • Financial Statement
  • Rovers Trust Structure & Financial Year End (Wayne Wild)
  • Elections
  • Gratitude and Thanks to current and departing elected board members
  • Thanks to steering committee for their efforts to date.
  • Dates for forthcoming coming committee meetings for forthcoming year
  • Any other business


  1. The Secretary opened the meeting and welcomed those that had attended
    1. Glen Mullan, Paid tribute to the departing Secretary Simon Barnes who left the trust earlier in the year and re-iterated his desire to carry on the great work going forwards.
  1. Wayne Wild spoke openly about the work the Trust has put in to date, Touching on the Labour Party’s policy , that should they be re-elected that it’s their intention to ensure supporter Trust are granted a compulsory share within the ownership of Professional clubs, to help safe guard our National Game. This stance is something the other political parties are also showing signs of support for. With the Rovers Trust being the official Trust for our club and with all the relevant paperwork in place, should the current situation change at Blackburn Rovers Football Club, it puts the Rovers Trust in a very strong position. Wayne also expressed his delight that the membership base was growing. Wayne again expressed his desire for the Rovers Trust to have open dialogue with the current owners of Blackburn Rovers and although this has yet to be forthcoming, that the Rovers Trust will continue to explore all avenues to try and open those doors. The Trust regularly speaks with the current board of Blackburn Rovers including the Managing Director and to date this communication has been good and long may it continue
  2. Oliver Jones agreed with the sentiment within Wayne’s statement and expressed his delight that the Trust was getting continual support from key figure heads within the community. He was pleased that Daniel Grabko had broken the latest club accounts down to give easier reading for the Membership base and that the Trust was in a position to mobilise should the current club owners be willing to sit down and discuss the short, medium and long term future.
  3. Wayne Wild produced the current Trust financial figures which had been provided by Daniel Grabko which were made available for all present to read and will be published in due course.
  1. Glen Mullan confirmed that Brian Lamb and Jen Bellamy had made the decision to step down from the current Executive Board. All present expressed their gratitude for the work they had put in, to get the Trust to the position it is now in. Both individuals have indicated they would still be on hand to offer any help for specific projects if the need arises in the future. Glen confirmed that the Trust had publically asked for potential new board members to come forwards for this AGM including any challenges for any of the current roles, which are held by individuals within the current Executive Committee set up. One applicant Mark Ashworth came forward, who was duly elected by all those present at this AGM.
  1. Due to no challenges for to the Existing Executive committee, the following were re-elected to their current positions.
  • Wayne Wild – Co-Chairperson
  • Oliver Jones – Co- Chairperson
  • Daniel Grabko – Financial Officer
  • Neil Thornton
  • Anthony Corry

With Mark Ashworth now being also a member of the Executive Board, Glen Confirmed that the executive committee was still well represented with the more than the minimum requirement of individuals as set out within the Rovers Trust Constitution.

  1. All the current Executive Board expressed their appreciation to the non-elected steering committee, Paul Brooking, Stuart Grimshaw and Richard Speak for their continued efforts in the back ground, whose efforts are pivotal to the Rovers Trust progress.
  2. It was agreed that more frequent Committee interaction was needed going forwards. Dates have been pencilled as follows for planned committee meetings for the remainder of this year, whilst other committee meetings will take place should the immediate need arise. Weekly communication amongst the Board will continue.

Meetings agreed with venue to be confirmed nearer to the time

13th May 2015

14th September 2015

30th November 2015


William Maynard took to the floor to ask for the help of the Rovers Trust regarding a project he is currently working on for the East Lancashire Football development Association regarding grass roots football and pitch improvements. He requested a short term loan for £2000.00 to help them retain the services of Sporting Assets until future funding they have secured is released. Questions were openly asked by the Executive Board and from the floor regarding the security of the loan. William Maynard on the request of Wayne Wild agreed for The Blackburn Sunday Football league, The Blackburn & District Combination and the East Lancashire Junior Alliance to act as Guarantors for the loan, should the funds ELFDA are waiting for not be forthcoming. This Guarantor must be put in writing at which point the Rovers Trust Executive Board unanimously agreed the short term loan, which under the terms of the Trust constitution is part of the trust pledge to community projects.

The Co-Chairs closed the meeting thanking all those that attended.

End of Minutes

Author: Glen Mullan (Secretary) 16th April 2015.

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