100,000,000 Holes

How well do you know the story of Blackburn Rovers following Venky’s acquisition ?

This document compiled by an unknown source has come to the attention of Rovers Trust

It sets out the series of events which have occurred since Venky’s purchased the club on 19th November 2010 through to December 2016 , detailing the involvement of Kentaro / Jerome Anderson , Board Members , Managers , Transfers and Performance in both football and financial terms

The decline of the club over that 6 year period is highlighted in clear , detailed form and illustrates the catastrophic series of decisions made by the owners resulting in the club’s current perilous position

Numerous quotations from both people at the club and other prominent sources , along with relevant statistics have been used throughout the document and these are annotated / referenced to the index which provides links to articles already in the public domain . Rovers Trust has not independently verified these items and therefore accept no responsibility for the accuracy.

Click here to download your copy right now.

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