Meet the Rovers Trust Board

John Murray - Rovers Trust ChairmanJohn Murray – Chairman (E)

It was always hard following the Rovers until the 90s. I defended the cause in Manchester, Liverpool and London. Answered many questions about Man.U and Liverpool as I worked abroad for 20 years. Jack Walker’s Investment and Legacy made it easier in latter years. Seeing my 2 young Grandsons in their Rovers shirts made me proud but also resilient. The last 11 years have made me depressed, angry and pro-active.

As Chair of the Trust for over 4 years I have tried to use any skills I have left since the Pandemic retired me to develop a high-functioning Board that pushes the Trust to do things faster (rather than me hassling under-active Board Members) We now have 5 Elected Board Members and good Officials. The next stage is to increase membership; preserve Ewood; push the heritage of the Club; continue to make the Club’s pricing and Season-ticket decisions more in line with the reality of East Lancs ; and collaborate with the different Groups and dissident voices to get rid of the fog of ‘apathy’. A rocking Ewood and a statue of Bob Crompton would be my legacy….but I am a Rover Till I Die. Join Us

Michael Ellison – Heritage (E)

I’m Mike, elected to the Board in 2021 with an interest in Rovers’ Heritage. I’ve been a Trust Member from the start, and became more eagerly involved once Coyle was appointed. I’ve been everything from dogsbody, to Member Officer, to Acting Secretary, to Heritage Officer. I continue to be Dogsbody with a capital D!

I’ve followed Rovers since early childhood following on from my dad. It was Duff that made me really take interest at age 8, and Tugay that made me fall in love, age 10.

I want to do whatever I can to support my club as best I can, even if I can’t realistically afford a Season Ticket costing over £250.

Marc O'NeillMarc O’Neill – IT & Marketing Officer (E)

My role for the Trust is primarily the website and email marketing. The current website is a legacy build that I’ve started to patch up. A new site is on the horizon! I have 20 years marketing experience and currently head up a team of website developers, technical solutions architects and data specialists at one of the Northwests leading creative agencies.

My earliest memories of watching Rovers are from the days of the Nuttall Street stand with my dad. I must have been around 6 years old, the same age that my son is now! Hell, that makes me feel old. The good old days of standing and the 100 club after the game. It didn’t take me long to watch on in amazement at some of the players, notably Sellars and Wilcox.

Fast forward a few a few years and we relocated to the Riverside, the best stand in my opinion because of the view of the more modern stands and the dugout.

1995, I was 12 years old and vividly remember the big day. The front room of the Myerscough on the A59, a pub that became our post-match venue for many years. Dad was at the game. The game ended and I ran out of the building a did a victory lap of the garden.

We’re a different club and a different town today, but those days are still very much in the minds of our supporters. We’ve supported Rovers through thick and thin and we always will. Get the prices right and fans will return!

Duncan Miller – Communications (E)

I didn’t choose to support Rovers. The club has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Many of my happiest memories are of attending games with my Dad and Grandad.

I was involved in launching the Rovers Trust prior to Venky’s takeover of the club and have retained my membership ever since. The principles on which the Trust was established are very much in line with my thoughts – Supporters are the one constant at any club and should be represented at the highest level. No matter whose name is on the door, it’s our club.

I have been outspoken on how I believe the club has been run over the last decade, but I feel that as supporters, by channelling our energies into the Trust we can help bring about positive change for the Rovers.

Andy YoungAndy Young – National Representative (E)

I have been an avid Rovers fan since I first saw Tony Field and Sir Roger Jones create magic at either end of the field in 1971.

I have experienced all the highs and lows of half a century of following the club and since 1995 have travelled from Glasgow to games, having moved north of the border shortly after Rovers were crowned premier league champions.

Like most other people, I am dismayed by how the club has been run over the past decade and I just felt it was time for me to take an active involvement in giving something back by helping the Trust. My ‘day job’ is currently the chief executive of a housing association in central Scotland, and prior to that I worked in an advisory and lobbying capacity for the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations, working closely with the Scottish Parliament to push through some major housing reforms. In that role I became well versed in dealing with politicians, civil servants, and giving evidence in parliament.

Peter Bolton – Fans Forum (E)

Bio to follow

Peter Dickinson – Treasurer (E)

Bio to follow…

Rovers Trust would like to thank the following people for their work with the Trust in the past, they may no longer be involved day to day but their help has been invaluable making the Trust what it is today.

OZZ JONES – Vice Chair & Joint Founder 2012 – 2021
DAVID RIDING – 2019 – 2021
MICHAEL DOHERTY – Community Program Officer (E) 2016-2020
STEVEN BRADLEY – PR & Social Media Officer 2017-2018
STUART GRIMSHAW – IT Officer 2012-2018
WAYNE WILD – Chairman 2012-2017
DAN GRABKO – Finance And Treasurer 2012-2017
NEIL THORNTON -PR/Media 2012-2017
MARK ASHWORTH – Social Media 2012-2017
RICHARD SPEAK – Advisor to the Board 2012-2015
SIMON BARNES – Secretary 2012-2015
PAUL BROOKING – SD Liaison 2012-2015
BRIAN LAMB – Corporate Officer 2012-2015
JOHN WAREING – Electoral Committee Officer 2012-2014
DUNCAN MILLER – Membership Officer 2012-2013
JEN BELLAMY – Marketing Officer 2012-2013

The Blackburn Rovers Trust c/o Elmfield, Ribble Court, Shuttleworth Mead, Padiham BB12 7NG