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Global Blackburn Rovers Email List

The BRFC email list began prior to Blackburn Rovers’ 1994-95 Premiership-winning season. At the time there were very few online discussion forums for football fans and only a few teams had their own email lists. The Rovers list quickly attracted more established Rovers fans and newcomers who were excited about the Dalglish-Shearer era and the national (and international) attention that Blackburn Rovers were getting at the time.

At the height of the list’s popularity it had over 400 subscribers from the UK, Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Australia. For the past few years, it has had a steady core of over 100 fans from around the world. While there are now numerous places on the web where fans can find information about the club, the Rovers list is still very active and provides updates, gossip, and banter for a loyal and passionate group of fans. New subscribers are welcome to join by sending an email to¬†

The Blackburn Rovers Trust c/o Elmfield, Ribble Court, Shuttleworth Mead, Padiham BB12 7NG