The Road to Ownership

A Roadmap to Success

Rovers Trust’s ultimate goal is to gain full ownership or a significant interest in Blackburn Rovers Football Club for the benefit of the supporters and the community they represent.

Below is an outline of the process through which the supporters and the community can achieve this.

Rovers Trust is now entering Phase One!
  1. The creation of our legal structure and documentation
    1. Our corporate entity
    2. Mission
    3. Principles
    4. Acquisition of legal, financial, PR, marketing, IT, and administrative advisors and volunteers
    5. Registration with Supporters Direct (SD)
    6. Adoption of Community Benefit Society Rules
    7. Registration with the Financial Services Authority (FSA)
  2. Strategic Planning
    1. Business plan creation and refinement
      1. Forecasting
      2. Feasibility testing
      3. Sustainability testing
    2. Membership structure and programme development
      1. Fees
      2. Benefits
      3. Aims
    3. Project Management
      1. Definition of goals and milestones
      2. Timeline of actions
      3. Delegation of responsibilities
      4. Monitoring and following up
  3. Phase One
    1. Raising awareness
    2. Launch Event – initiation of membership scheme
    3. Raising Capital
      1. Development of membership base
      2. Fundraising Events
      3. Collection of pledges for Community Shares
      4. Release of pre-share offer
        1. Collection of investment into escrow
    4. Initiation of negotiations with current ownership
    5. Due diligence
    6. Submission of offer to purchase the shares of BRFC
    7. Issuing of Rovers Trust Community Shares to members
  4. Phase Two
    1. Safeguarding the safety of the club, its history and tradition now and for future generations
    2. Sound financial administration of the club
    3. Strong corporate structure with well-defined lines of authority


The Blackburn Rovers Trust c/o Elmfield, Ribble Court, Shuttleworth Mead, Padiham BB12 7NG