Meet the Committee


It was always hard following the Rovers until the 90s. I defended the cause in Manchester,Liverpool and London. Answered many questions about Man.U and Liverpool as I worked abroad for 20 years. Jack Walker’s Investment and Legacy made it easier in latter years. Seeing my 2 young Grandsons in their Rovers shirts made me proud but also resilient. The last 7 years have made me depressed,angry and pro-active.

As the 3rd of now 5 generations of Rovers Supporters(since the 1930s) I now feel a responsibility to leave a legacy. Lancashire needs and deserves its true Premier Club back in good fettle.

As the new Chair of the Trust I intend to use all my Business,Marketing and Networking experience to leave a stronger Club…the Trust is just a conduit to achieve that. The Trust is the ‘safety net’ but it is also the gathering ground for the core of committed supporters. We will ensure 2-way communication is maintained and improved and I hope to leave some lasting projects and protection measures in place.

I would encourage any non-members reading this to join and get involved –but I would say that wouldn’t I ? Please feel free to email me at with any ideas or comments.



OLIVER JONES – Vice Chairman

Why I joined the Trust?

Because I believe there has to be an alternative. There HAS to be another way. If things don't change in football then everything that is good and laudable in the game will be gone for ever. The only way I can think of to stop this happening is to get up and try and do something about it myself.

First game was about 1982 I think, and have had a season ticket since 1985. I have been to watch rovers at nearly fifty grounds home and abroad now. This is likely to expand now we are in the third tier!


My Father took me to my first match in the 70s.  I sat on his shoulders in the Darwen End.  

I have since stood on the terraces in the Blackburn End but have resided in my current seat in the Riverside for the last 20 years.

I was born in Darwen and have lived in Darwen/Lower Darwen for most of my life.  I work for the NHS, which I have done for most of my career, and currently support NHS Blackburn with Darwen Clinical Commissioning Group’s Chair and Governing Body.

These are challenging times for the Club and the loss (in my view), of its ‘family feel’, league position and prosperity is being felt across the Borough.

I hope to be able to use my experience to support the Trust’s Chair and the Board in carrying out their duties and contribute to the Trust’s commitment to ensure that Blackburn Rovers Football Club will exist for generations to come.

Steven Bradley - PR & Social Media Officer

I have been a Rovers fan all my life.  My Dad grew up watching Rovers in the sixties so I was left with little choice.  I was a season ticket holder for many years until moving to New York City in 2011.  I am the President of the NYC Rovers and have been interacting with officials at the club through this for the past three years.

I hope to use what I have learned to assist the Trust in it's important mission of keeping the club safe and to prevent the situation we find ourselves in becoming even worse.



Michael Doherty - Community Program Officer

Hello! I am from Audley Range and have been a Blackburn Rovers fan all my life. I went to John Rigby High School and St Mary’s College and worked in the classic part-time job locations of Peppermint Place and Blackburn Market. My Grandad’s ticket from the 1960 FA Cup Final is a treasured possession. My all-time favourite game is still Rovers v Derby County 10 May 1992 the semi-final first leg play off and the turnaround from 0-2 to 4-2, the atmosphere before the game and even after we went two goals down, the belief that after so many disappointments that this would be our time, the noise, Speedie’s celebrations …

Although I started going to the game fairly regularly from the mid-80s (Gennoe, Garner, Brotherston et al), it was only when I left Blackburn to go to law school that I really appreciated what being a Rovers supporter meant to my identity, to my sense of being a Blackburner. That is one reason I am really interested in the work of the Rovers Trust – Rovers is so important to the community that we should not be standing completely outside of the running of the club.

In my day job, I am a Principal Lecturer in Law at Lancashire Law School, University of Central Lancashire, Preston. My main areas of interest are legal education and public law (i.e. the law of government and public bodies, including human rights). I am not a sports lawyer but am very interested in regulatory systems and fairness in decision-making. I have previously been elected to chair the national Association of Law Teachers and been involved in policy formation on legal education.

In 2014 I created and launched the world’s first national map of legal places – OpenLawMap. I wanted to let users create their own map entries based on what they themselves regarded as significant legal events. For my own first map entry I choose Ewood Park and the achievement of Rovers supporters, through the Trust, in getting the ground listed as an ‘asset of community value’ under the Localism Act 2011. This brings me full circle back to the Rovers Trust and the firm belief that the best form of ownership of football clubs is one that, at least, has a significant element of supporter and community ownership.

I was proud to be co-opted onto the Board in the summer of 2016, and even prouder to be elected to the Board in 2017. My focus is on using law and policy to try to protect the assets of the club and on working with others to change the owners and make fan ownership part of the brighter future for Blackburn Rovers.


Stuart Grimshaw - IT Officer Interim

I've been a Rovers fan ever since the early eighties when I used to go and watch with my Dad, he used to push me & my brother through the turnstiles after paying for just 1 of us, luckily the new turnstiles don't let you do that any more.

My earliest memory of a Rovers match is against Burnley when I will have been about 8, we have friends who are Burnley fans and we used to sit together home and away each season. One particular game their son, a similar age to me tried to hang a Burnley flag over the side of the Riverside's upper tier until a few of the other fans, in good humour, suggested he didn't.

In terms of what I bring to the Trust, I have almost 20 years experience in various IT disciplines, I was an employee at the local council for a while looking after their library & leisure centre IT, and I've worked for small & large businesses writing websites that serve hundreds of thousands of customers a day. The Trust's infrastructure is more than just the website that you see and it's my job to make sure it all works when you need it.

Tariq Ahmed - IT Officer

I've lived in Darwen all my life and have been a season ticket holder since the 2011-12 season, so in darker moments I wonder if I'm in some way responsible for the club being in freefall since then! I have a four year old son, who doesn't realise he's a Rovers fan yet and a wife who unfortunately has little interest! I work as a business analyst for William Hill Online in Leeds specialising in online payments and fraud prevention systems.

I was interested in the IT Officer position for two reasons. Firstly, it's a way in which I can contribute to the trust, in some small way doing something positive to help the long term future of Blackburn Rovers. The other factor is that I love working in a Technology environment and this is a great way of getting additional hands-on experience. I enjoy solving problems and looking for better ways of doing things, so this is a perfect way of combining my love of Blackburn Rovers with an opportunity to indulge my geeky nature.

Rovers Trust would like to thank the following people for their work with the Trust in the past, they may no longer be involved day to day but their help has been invaluable making the Trust what it is today.


SIMON BARNES – Secretary 2012-2015
PAUL BROOKING - SD Liaison 2012-2015
BRIAN LAMB -Corporate Officer 2012-2015
DUNCAN MILLER - Membership Officer 2012-2013
JEN BELLAMY – Marketing Officer 2012-2013
 JOHN WAREING – Electoral Committee Officer 2012-2014