Phase One: Pre-ownership

£10 annual membership fee (Juniors, u16, £5)

This is the current stage of development of Rovers Trust. Prior to gaining an ownership interest in the club Rovers Trust will not require the same levels of investment to cover administration costs and will not need to build a reserve fund for issued and outstanding Community Shares. This allows membership fees to be kept to a minimum level while covering the associated costs of pursuing ownership of Blackburn Rovers.

During this phase there is a single membership level (plus junior membership). The earnings realised during this phase are critical to funding the completion of the intermediate milestones Rovers Trust needs to achieve in order to successfully enter Phase Two, the ultimate goal of Rovers Trust.

The focus during Phase One is to raise capital through a pre-share offer of £1,000 per Community Share. Because of Community Share regulations this offer is only available to members of Rovers Trust. Funds will be deposited into a solicitor-secured escrow account until sufficient capital is raised and the current ownership is ready to enter negotiations for the full or partial sale of the club.

If a transaction is agreed in principle a full prospectus will be issued and an official Community Share Offer made to members of Rovers Trust who have deposited funds into the escrow account requesting permission to convert their money into Community Shares of the Community Benefit Society.  The capital will then be used by Rovers Trust to purchase equity shares in Blackburn Rovers Football & Athletic Plc.

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Phase Two: Post-ownership

£25 annual membership fee (Juniors, u16, £10)

Following the successful acquisition of an ownership interest in Blackburn Rovers, and issuing Community Shares to investing members, the club must be supported by its ownership to ensure the safeguarding of its history, tradition, and league position.  In addition Industrial & Provident Society regulations state a society issuing Community Shares must maintain a reserve fund covering the withdrawable balance of the Community Shares.

Phase Two will be triggered upon successful acquisition of an ownership interest of Blackburn Rovers Football Club. This phase introduces multiple membership levels and their respective benefits packages based on the number of Community Shares a member owns. All membership levels retain the standard membership benefits present in Phase One. This phase is about safeguarding the past and future of the club through steadfast and prudent stewardship by Rovers Trust.

Why does Rovers Trust charge a membership fee?

  • Rovers Trust is a trading entity registered with the Financial Services Authority FSA and owned by its members. Unlike traditional Supporters’ groups the rules of an Industrial & Provident Society require full members to own a fully paid membership share of the Rovers Trust – these are £1 shares and each member is assigned one upon joining.
  • Each member receives a membership pack which includes a membership share certificate, membership card, badge & pin, etc. The cost of these items are covered by the membership fee.
  • Routine administration such as postage, website hosting fees, PO box, campaign funds must be covered together with the cost of raising seed capital while pursuing an ownership interest in the club.
  • All work by the Rovers Trust committee is free and no committee member will be paid for their voluntary work.

What are the membership benefits?

In addition to the one member, one vote right each member enjoys, members of the society will be able to

  • access the member forums
  • purchase member-only merchandise
  • enter into member-only competitions and campaigns
  • receive the members’ newsletter, Rovers Trust Review
  • have access to Rovers Trust Community Points
  • have access to Rovers Trust Rewards
Rovers Trust Community Points*

Rovers Trust is establishing local businesses partnerships to support the concept of community ownership of Blackburn Rovers. When this programme launches Rovers Trust members will be rewarded with Community Points each time they shop at a participating business simply by presenting their membership card.  This could be your local pub, hair stylist, grocer, convenience store, restaurant, hotel – you name it!

Members will earn points for every pound spent with a partner business. The partner business will donate a percentage of the purchase price back to Rovers Trust.

Membership of Rovers Trust will automatically enroll members in the scheme. Community Points will be collected simply by swiping the membership card or entering the membership number for an online purchase. Partner Businesses will be provided with simple equipment to process each payment.

With every purchase members will:

  • earn points at a rate based on your membership level
  • support local community shops and businesses who support Rovers
  • help Rovers Trust generate additional funding
  • be rewarded for daily expenditure you already incur

Community Points will redeemable through the Rovers Trust when making purchases at the Rovers Trust store. As the programme develops further opportunities to redeem points will become available.

Rovers Trust Rewards**

This will be a Phase Two membership benefit which members will qualify for based on their membership level.  Qualifying members will receive a credit to their membership account on an annual basis for 20 years or until such time as they no longer qualify for the benefit. This credit balance could be used to make purchases at any official BRFC or Rovers Trust shop or vendor:

  • One Rovers Stores
  • Ewood Park (match tickets, food stands, merchandise and memorabilia)
  • official BRFC website premium subscriptions & services
  • Rovers Trust Stores

Based on 2012/13 prices, members who qualify could theoretically redeem their Rovers Trust Rewards for a free season ticket.

Below is a diagram showing all proposed member benefit programs in both Phase One and Phase Two of Rovers Trust.




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*Disclaimer: Rovers Trust Community Points membership benefit programme is a planned programme which has not been implemented. It is the intention of Rovers Trust to launch this programme as presented.  A complete list of Community Points prizes and merchandise, Community Business Partners, along with full terms & conditions, will be provided in advance of the official launch.

**Disclaimer: Rovers Trust Rewards membership benefit programme is a planned programme which has not been implemented. It is the intention of Rovers Trust to launch this programme as presented upon successful entrance into Phase Two.  If Rovers Trust is not in a position to gain a sufficient ownership interest in Blackburn Rovers to allow the implementation of this programme as presented a special general meeting will be called to vote on whether to move forward with Phase Two and/or any proposed changes to this benefits programme as proposed.

The Blackburn Rovers Trust c/o Elmfield, Ribble Court, Shuttleworth Mead, Padiham BB12 7NG