Photograph of Ewood Park taken through football net

Newsletter - June 2020

There is only one word for the last 3 months as far as life, sport, family, and work is concerned: UNPRECEDENTED
June 15, 2020

The EFL decision-making has been extremely compromised by the situation and the guidelines. The Rovers Trust believes that football is nothing without its supporters who are unhappy to miss the climax of the season. But there is no way forward if the last nine matches have to be played behind closed doors. It might even favour us!

As ever, the Rovers could finish up back in the Premiership or 12th! It will be an anti-climax because this has now got to the exciting part of the season. We hope Season-Ticket holders will take up the iFollow offer and not claim any refund back on their Season Ticket. Survival favours the big clubs again and our expenses to receipts makes us very weak. Whilst one may favour a salary cap, it will only favour the Leeds United and Sunderland level clubs with their larger crowds and income-generating options.

So, this Newsletter seeks your opinion on numerous key issues that affect OUR Club and how to respond follows the questions (see it as an alternative to TV or home schooling):


Do you seek a refund? What would you like to receive as some loyalty reward – a reduction on next year’s ST or a free Cup Match? Or, do you want the Club just to manage their resources, apart from the iFollow offer?


Should it start before supporters are allowed? If the two-metre rule is reduced to one-metre, then 10,000 could attend Ewood. What a way to increase Season Ticket holders from 8,500.! What do you think – would you be ready to go back late-September?


After 10 years have you got used to absentee ownership? Is now the time to put the past behind us and forge a new relationship with our owners, who have continued to financially support the club?


The first one with fans in the stadium ought to be like the Oxford United match in 2018. This is a one and only chance to reconnect and change the supporters’ relationship to the Club. Is this ‘over the top’ or should we be planning a WELCOME BACK match? Does this include the owners via an olive branch?


Is this an idea that its time has now come, or is it self-destruction for our situation? Where does Financial Fair Play now sit?


PLEASE come back to us on any of the issues via email :, or use the comments form below. We'll also be opening up the conversation in a Twitter post, so you can share your views there too.

Please remember the Rovers Trust exists solely to secure the long-term safety and health of the Club. We have a size-able Board with several co-opted members; nevertheless, the next Newsletter will be asking for nominations for the 2020 Elections and a heavily delayed June 18th AGM (now maybe September). Thanks.

John Murray, Chair of Trust

 Photograph of Ewood Park taken through football net

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