Photograph of Ewood Park taken through football net

Newsletter - June 2022

Abject form in 2022 wrecks Rovers promotion hopes……and its always “the hope that kills you”
June 1, 2022
  • The Club released Season ticket prices late because it was waiting for a victory…but none came!
  • Then the inevitable close of the Tony Mowbray chapter – thanks for the stability and the rebuild, but too many New Year collapses. Even poor form and we would have made the play-offs.
  • NOW all that we have to do is wait for the ‘white smoke’ of a new Manager; buying the 22/23 Season-Ticket; and hoping the scarring caused by the 2010s managerial appointments does not get re-opened.

Decision-making is far too slow and elongated with messages losing their strength as they get to Pune. Have Rovers management any real appreciation of the lives, pressures and finances of the ordinary Lancashire fans. And our living costs are rising fast whilst our season-ticket prices are now the highest of our 5 main rivals(including Bolton). It’s a disconnection that still needs the Trust and where over 10 years we have lost 10,000 season ticket holders.\n\nSO the Rovers Trust prepares for another AGM ……save the date now


The Trust Agenda evolves with each year:

  • inputs into the Club that impact the fans
  • the Heritage of the Club
  • state of the Riverside
  • Safe Standing
  • the National Agenda (independent regulator, ”fan on the board” etc)

The Chair of the Fan-Led Review, Tracey Crouch MP, is invited to our AGM after our inputs to the Review.\n\nIn order to develop our aims we need to further strengthen the Board. We need a Board made up of people with a wide range of skills; but more importantly able to commit time and effort to the cause. We aspire to be representative of the entire fan-base and so would welcome any nominations from minority ethnic backgrounds and women. Would you like to develop “crowd funding” experience? Then join us!

The Board is elected by its Members, but also contains co-opted additional Members, in order to maximize skills and productivity. Contact by e-mailing where you may also confirm your attendance at the AGM. THANKS.

 Photograph of Ewood Park taken through football net

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