Photograph of Ewood Park taken through football net

Newsletter - Memorandum Of Understanding (Mou)

“Defeat to Burnley overshadowed what had been a positive start to the season…..” LT
December 15, 2022

And after PNE what can Rich Sharpe say next! It is the lack of contrition that annoyed the Trust Board. As your hardworking and volunteer Board we feel  undervalued,even as customers,never mind fans with no alternative. It reinforces our belief that the Club has developed a 10-year ‘siege’ mentality on key elements such as Season-ticket pricing, keeping the Ground in good order, understanding the East Lancashire economy, and the role of a fuller Ground in the success of the Team.

It is reported that the new PM has now signed off the White Paper on Reform of Football Governance in recent days. Read on…


Click here to view the Memorandum of Understanding

By the time you read this the Trust will have sent a Memorandum of Understanding to the Chief Executive of the Club. It is not an original document but one based on agreements in place at Fulham FC and PNE, amongst over 10 such MoUs now in place. As the only Fans Group affiliated to the Football Supporters Association we would be assigned the ‘Golden’ share and asked to form the Shadow Board of Rovers representatives(See last Newsletter on the Spirit of Shankly agreement with Liverpool FC). We now need to negotiate our role and relationship via the MoU, and whilst it extends our ‘critical friend’ status the Owners and Management still run the Club.

The FSA has been pushing the Sunak Government to now get the Fan Led Review into legislation. In September 2022 it was dropped by the short-lived Truss Government(!)

This is set to be the biggest revolution since the formation of the Premier League in 1992:

  • Set to become law in 2024
  • Independent Regulator appointed by Independent panel
  • Boosting the representation of fans in the running of Clubs
  • Removing ‘parachute’ payments
  • Increasing the ‘trickle down’ monies paid by TV deals to the PL from 9% to 25%

Much opposed by the Big 6, it may be behind recent moves by ManU and Liverpool to dilute their shares.


We have updated the Trust’s Marketing Prospectus (originally from 2019) with suggestions to increase support over a five year period.

Meanwhile, after the Pay-Pal system failure in August/September we have emailed 25 members to notify them of our need for them to rejoin. We will be following up as we need to always prove our member numbers and credibility to be the democratic, representative of the largest number of Rovers Fans.

IF you are a lapsed member or someone who wishes to join, its now a lot easier. Test this out at

 Photograph of Ewood Park taken through football net

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