Photograph of Ewood Park taken through football net

Newsletter - September 2020

“BECAUSE THIS IS BLACKBURN ROVERS!” -Tony Mowbray when asked why he was joining post-Coyle.
October 1, 2020

Amidst the turmoil of a British autumn and the void of the Saturday afternoon, everything seems to be in suspended animation. The Rovers Trust has had a number of its longer term projects halted – the Heritage legacy and especially the Marketing influence on the Club.


Was postponed twice and now we have decided to suspend the AGM of the Rovers Trust until June 2021. We were planning a ‘virtual’ AGM but feel this would not work for a discussion on wider issues – the future of Football; how to prepare for a ‘precarious’ future for the Club; the clunkiness of the Rovers Season-ticket system; the unprecedented price rises; the current success of a young, energetic team contrasting to a lack of understanding/communication from the Club.


As Chair, on behalf of the Board, thanks to David Riding for agreeing to seek re-election, and to Peter Bolton (proposed by Chair, John Murray and seconded by Peter Ridehalgh) and to Anthony Green (proposed by Michael Ellison and seconded by Ozz Jones) to stand for the Board.

They are elected unopposed and we now have 5 elected Board members and 1 co-opted Member.

Contact if you would like to join us, when at last we meet again!


Faintly remembering nearly 20,000 Season Ticket Holders in the late-90s, the current situation seems to flag up the state of football and especially Blackburn Rovers.

Season ticket prices hiked; a seeming ‘downer’ on the Riverside and concession prices; a very ‘clunky’ Ticket-Master system eg Under 12s asked for an e-mail address and the difficulty renewing more than one ticket; the extreme lateness and timing of 20/21 Season renewals –sapping enthusiasm and encouraging a ‘wait and see’ approach.

During the last 2 weeks the Trust has been receiving emails and messages.

Now we wish to compile all these issues and suggestions and relay to the Club:

  1. What are your experiences and views on Renewal?
  2. Riversiders -are they trying to close this part of the Ground?
  3. Club Shop – Why closed? Did you renew here and buy shirts at the same time?
  4. Will we get the fans back after,maybe, one year away?
  5. How do we get the fans back eg £50 seat reservation off your next ST?
  6. Does the pleading of the Club now fall on deaf ears? (“If Jack Walker had asked, we would have renewed”)

You can e-mail or use the form below to post your comments and suggestions online.

Stay well in these uncertain times.


 Photograph of Ewood Park taken through football net

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