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2017 Rovers Trust Board Election

During a routine audit of the election polling results, a small number member ID's showing duplicate voting sessions were discovered.
March 28, 2017


Upon further investigation, it was discovered that an erroneous setting in the election poll set up could in some cases allow for duplicate voting sessions from a single membership account, if a browser had cookie or pop-up blockers active.

This issue was immediately rectified, and upon verification of the raw data, all members showing duplicate voting sessions were then contacted via email to confirm which of their duplicate sessions they would like to count as their votes. All contacted members have responded via email with positive confirmation, and the live election poll results have been adjusted to reflect only their confirmed votes. See the current results or register your vote here. (don't forget to log in first!)

It should be stressed that there is no reason to believe that any intentional or malicious wrong doing was involved. There are several legitimate reasons for a duplicate voting session to have registered given the circumstances. As indicated above, those circumstances have been fixed.

Regular and routine audits of the polling will of course continue through the polling period, and to verify the final results.

We would also like to remind all members that polling for the 2017 Rovers Trust Board Election closes on Monday, the 10th of April at 10:00am GMT - so if you haven't voted already we encourage you to do so - here! (log in required!)

UPDATE: The election is now live, as per the email that was delivered on Monday. Current members can vote here after logging in.

Dear Rovers Trust member

Our apologies, but there is a delay in the election process that we aimed to start this week. Our IT officer has identified problems in the syncing of accounts between Paypal and the membership database and is working out the best way to get them back in sync. This is the first contested election for the Trust with members entitled to cast votes for up to four candidates; so, of course, we would have preferred to stay with the original timeline, but we need to ensure that things are run properly.

We are confident of being able to fix the problems this week and aim to open the elections together with disseminating candidates’ statements on Monday 3 April. The online voting will stay open until Friday 7 April. This will enable us to meet our original target of having a newly elected Board ready to take over on 1 May.

Thanks for bearing with us and we look forward to your involvement in the voting process.

Rovers Trust

 Photograph of Ewood Park taken through football net

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