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A Message From Our Vice Chair

What is the difference between a supporter and a fan? Are they the same? With my oft worn pedants head on, to me the word support implies some level of input, could be financial, could be physical.
February 27, 2017

Some effort is involved. Not all football fans are supporters, but all supporters are fans. Splitting hairs? Possibly. But as an increasingly follically challenged chap, the only reason I’d want to split hairs is to double their numbers.

At the time of writing, the Rovers Trust, of which I am currently the vice chairman, has just announced this years AGM date. (It’s March 18th, 9am Ewood Working Mens Club, most supporters will know where this is). In the email that announced this, it was also revealed that three of the founder members of the Trust would not be seeking re-election to their posts. Wayne Wild (Chairman), Dan Grabko (Treasurer), and Neil Thornton (Communications Officer) have all decided that although they will remain as Trust members, they no longer wish to carry on as board executives.

I learned this news about a week ago, and was very surprised to hear it. Having known all three for some good few years now, I have got to know them well and know what the Trust means to them. All three very passionate Rovers fans, who only ever wanted the club to be the best it possibly could. My thanks and congratulations for what they have achieved within their time at the Trust is hereby placed on record from me.


I had reason to sit in the Family stand at the recent Leeds game, (Nuttall Street to some of you). The first time I had not been in the Darwen End or Blackburn end in years. The contrast between the home and away ends was remarkable. Maybe 6,000 Leeds fans, a baying seething mass of supporters, loud, proud and as a Rovers supporter very annoying. I noticed the Blackburn End to my left, less than half full (Or half empty if you are a stand half empty kind of guy), virtually silent until the first chant of the evening (Something tasteful about Jimmy Saville…), barring the usual chatter and the sound of smart phone Facebook Messenger notifications coming through.

I’m not a Leeds fan, far from it, but I couldn’t help feel envious of their evening. Short journey to a great away day, big following,


late if possibly undeserved winner-the ideal night out! You would have to have been in suspended animation not to be aware of the shenanigans at Leeds over the years, but they finally get a manager who seems to have a clue, they push on towards the play offs and hey presto happy day are here again. Well, for now at least.

So. Ozz, what’s your point? Well the point is, Rovers are heading for the third tier of English football. The club appears to be an empty shell, with no money, no decent players left, with the only realistic chance of avoiding relegation is hoping that three other teams are slightly worse than us.

But it can be changed. But not while the club is owned by uninterested, ill informed distant owners. The Rovers Trust wants to have supporters involved in the running of the club. To do this we need to be strong, to be professional, to be united and to be many. We need you.

We need you to consider becoming a member today. We need a chairperson who can drive the Trust forward, with the desire to see a change in the way the club is run. We need a new treasurer, we need a new media man-we need a recruitment/membership officer…..we need you!

Please come and attend the AGM on March 18th. Click here to register (it’s free). It takes about 60 seconds.

Click here to forward your nomination to become a board member.

Blackburn Rovers Football club is slowly sinking into oblivion. Are you going to support them?

I look forward to seeing you on March 18th.

Oliver Jones Vice Chairman

 Photograph of Ewood Park taken through football net

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