Photograph of Ewood Park taken through football net

Newsletter - March 2022

We seem to be coming out of the Pandemic now but the helter-skelter of the Championship matches has got most of us spinning – with rising blood pressure!
March 21, 2022

The Pandemic put the Trust Actions (and Board meetings) on the back burner and a long 2 years to retain momentum. The Summer could be one of Premiership planning to Manager replacement.

This Newsletter is an attempt to get you up to speed and engaged again.

Fan-led review

Previous Newsletters explained the contents of this vital Report. The Abhramovich fiasco at Chelsea has brought all of the errors by Premier League/EFL and FA back to the front of the News as an adjunct to the Ukraine Invasion. Chelsea vs Newcastle and ethical ownership make Jack Walker and the Rao family seem paragons of virtue.

The Trust still is pushing for an Independent Regulator; a ‘Golden’ share; and fans having a say in non-financial issues such as shirt colours, location etc etc.

We have an invite out to Tracey Crouch MP to come up to Blackburn on Wednesday 22nd June for the Trust 2022 AGM and former MP and Life-time Trust member, Graham Jones is on the case.

Put this date in your Diary and remember if you would like to join the Trust Board we will be seeking nominations from mid-April TO

Marketing/Increasing Support

In January 2020, the Trust consulted Members and put forward a ‘suite’ of ideas to increase Season-Ticket sales and general attendance levels at Ewood.

During the pandemic, and after weak 2021/22 season-ticket sales, the Club has introduced a number of the Trust ideas – including “5 Tickets”; the Darwen End for Rovers Supporters; more reduced £10 matches; and HOPEFULLY and Easter announcement on Season-ticket pricing and early Sales!\n\nWe already have more ideas and are in the process of updating the original document to bring forward new Supporter ideas, such as:

  • all year sale of Season-tickets eg a March 2022 ST to end Feb 2023
  • a 3 year plan up to 2025 and 150th Anniversary of the Club
  • “Safe Standing” zone (via Crowdfunding and matched funding from Club)
  • Darwen End 15 game Season-Ticket (excluding Derby matches)

WE now seek your views and suggestions….what have you been thinking about recently as you attend Ewood(or watch from the sidelines). You can let me know at

PLEASE REMEMBER: TRUST AGM ON 22ND JUNE. You can join the Trust via PayPal or Debit Card via the website.

 Photograph of Ewood Park taken through football net

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