Photograph of Ewood Park taken through football net

Ronnie's Grand Day Out

Today we are delighted to reveal details of the first mission carried out by the official mascot of the Rovers Trust: Ronnie the Raccoon.
May 21, 2013

One morning while people sat in offices typing at computers, or wandering round supermarkets pushing a trolley infront of them, in school, or sat in a car driving from A to B, the first ever mission of the Rovers Trust mascot was underway.

Sat in the reception of Blackburn Rovers training ground, Brockhall was Ronnie, watching Jordan Rhodes walk past and Danny Murphy query something with the receptionist and then a certain saviour by the name of Mr G Bowyer go into his office.

Not a moment too soon came the time for Ronnie to go up to the pitches across the way from Brockhall to watch the Rovers lads train while the wind whipped through the trees.

As Ronnie was wearing his cape, he was able to send messages of encouragement to the players (it was no ordinary cape you see), as his beady eyes watched to see what everyone was doing.

The players ran, the players kicked, the players jumped, some players were floored as Ronnie watched on – grabbing a quick photo opportunity as Sandy (Raccoon’s can’t pronounce long names) walked by.

Then it was time to be shown round the training facilities at Brockhall. Ronnie was impressed and as they went round he was able to befriend some of the players to pass on the best wishes from all members of the Rovers Trust.

In no time at all it seemed it was time to go home as the players left for the day, Ronnie took the opportunity to talk to Mr Bowyer, to pass on best wishes from everyone at the Rovers Trust.

There’s more than a possibility that not all the players Ronnie met that day will be wearing the famous blue and white halves when it all kicks off again next season. But we can guarantee that the Rovers Trust will still be here as will Ronnie – The Official Mascot of the Rovers Trust.\n\nPlease keep an eye out for more updates from our mascot Ronnie very soon including a summer long promotion that everyone can get involved in and competitions specifically for the Trust’s Junior Members.

Follow Ronnie on twitter: @Ronnie_Raccoon\n\nFind Ronnie on facebook:

 Photograph of Ewood Park taken through football net

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