Photograph of Ewood Park taken through football net


For over a decade, the Blackburn Rovers Supporters Trust has been imploring the owners and those they have charged with running the club to engage with the wider supporter base and to listen to our concerns over the way the club operates.
February 3, 2023

The last 48 hours have once again demonstrated a distinct lack of care and attention from those entrusted with the running of the club, and by extension, the owners. The debacle surrounding the failed deadline day signings is another example of incompetence and an inability to perform the basic duties necessary to provide a functioning football club.

The fans, without whom the club would serve no purpose, have been left in limbo, let down and treated as an irrelevance. We deserve better than farcical situations like this. Having witnessed a poor second half to last season, there was something of a renewed sense of optimism surrounding the summer appointments at the club, now the remainder of our season appears to have been sabotaged by carelessness.

AGAIN, we implore the club to engage with us. Swathes of empty seats, closed stands, record low gates since the Ewood redevelopment, should all be an indicator of current supporter feeling. We have attempted to convey the mood of the fans and offered ideas, initiatives, and assistance to help address this. However, embarrassing situations like this will only serve to turn apathy into anger. The fans are the beating heart of any club - WE ARE THE ROVERS – but after over a decade of neglect and disappointment, many of us have never felt so detached from the club.

Change is long overdue. We expect the individual(s) responsible for this latest fiasco to be held accountable. On the back of the excellent fan-led review of football governance and the imminent Government White Paper, The Rovers Supporters Trust calls on the club to form a strategic alliance with a wide range of elected supporters in the form of a shadow board, with the Blackburn Rovers Supporters Trust at the heart of it to ensure the long-term future of the club.

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 Photograph of Ewood Park taken through football net

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